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Fake heiress Anna Sorokin debuts prison drawings while in ICE custody

Anna Sorokin, the convicted scammer who pretended to be an heiress named Anna Delvey, has unveiled a pop-up show of her prison drawings. Her life was the subject of the hit Netflix series “Inventing Anna” which starred Julia Garner as Sorokin, pictured in a still from the show. File Photo by Aaron Epstein/Netflix

May 20 (UPI) — Anna Sorokin, the convicted scammer who pretended to be an heiress named Anna Delvey, has unveiled a pop-up show of her prison drawings made while in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The show, titled “Allegedly,” debuted during a one-night-only event at the Public Hotel in New York City, The Art Newspaper reported.

The pencil sketches were displayed by models wearing oversized sunglasses while Yuhua Hamasaki of RuPaul’s Drag Race impersonated Sorokin onstage.

The real Sorokin then addressed the crowd through a pre-recorded video message, introducing herself by her fake heiress name, E! News reported.

“I hope you guys are enjoying your evening so far. I’m so very excited to unveil my first-ever art collection, titled ‘Allegedly,'” Sorokin said.

“I wanted to capture some of the moments of the past years, both never-seen-before and iconic, using the limited tools I have at my disposal.”

Sorokin told the crowd that she had studied fashion illustration in Paris but hadn’t sketched until her trial, describing some of her pieces as “straightforward” and others as “more abstract.”

The exhibition included 20 pieces of art created by Sorokin while in ICE custody in the last two months and many appear to show her life before, during and after her trial.

“The total valuation of the collection will be set in the $400,000-$500,000 range,” Christopher Martine, an art dealer who represents Sorokin, told Time Out.

“We have received extensive interest already from art dealers, collectors and galleries.”

Martine said that the Founders Art Club will show the collection at prominent events and galleries nationwide and will ultimately look to put it on auction “at a distinguished private sale or major auction house like Christie’s or Sotheby’s.”

Sorokin was the subject of the hit Netflix series Inventing Anna after she lived a luxurious life of a Manhattan socialite while defrauding around $275,000 from banks, hotels and friends while claiming she had a trust fund worth $67 million.

She was convicted by a jury of second-degree grand larceny, theft and attempted grand larceny in April 2019 and served less than two years in Albion Correctional Facility in Western New York before she was released in February on good behavior.

Sorokin is now in ICE custody and is currently being held in Orange County Correctional Facility while fighting deportation to Germany.

“It wasn’t easy getting anything in or out of ICE,” Martine told Time Out.

“Most of the art materials and paper was declined/confiscated. Only materials got in were some colored pencils, and 9×12 watercolor paper. No erasers.”

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