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Joe’s Trader

The Mood at Trader Joe’s This Month Is Cheeseburger Burrito

Teriyaki Marinated Skirt Steak

This was like $21, which is $$$ at Trader Joe’s. The marinade was safe. A little sweet, mostly soy, and barely noticeable. A squeeze of lime helps. I doused my tacos in Sriracha. (A promotional side note: Sometimes when I want an easy sweet soy sauce glaze for grilled fish/meats, I make the one from Chris Morocco’s sushi rice and salmon recipe—it goes well on everything and comes together in seconds.) Next time I’ll make my own marinade.

Seasonal Mousse Cakes!

Raspberry Mousse Cakes

These petits fours make me feel like a pretty, pretty princess, and I eat them in two scarfing bites. They’re so pink and cute. They’re reminiscent of my first favorite body wash, sun-ripened raspberry, a product I used to the point of revulsion—the scent of it would make me dry-heave today. But not these! They’re vanilla cake topped with fluffy mousse, contained by thin sturdy frosting. The loopy little green leaves are a reminder that before they were cooked into jam, enhanced with sugar, extracted into a flavor, and preserved with citric acid, some ingredients in this treat came from nature.

Vegetal Moments

Cold Pressed Cucumber Avocado Smoothie

Thick and viscous, like drinking gloopy green goddess dressing. Specks of hairy ginger swim between my teeth. Spinach flecks tickle the throat. Couldn’t finish.

Ready Veggie

A grab bag of snow peas, broccoli, dried-out carrot coins, and brussels sprout shreds ready for sautéing, although the brussels shavings will brown and burn before anything else is cooked. But you wanted variety! I loved this mix for changing up my dinner routine.

Cauliflower of Many Colors

Prechopped and ready to roast, easy. Don’t let them linger in the fridge for too many days or the sulfuric aroma compounds will unleash the moment you open the bag. PHEW!

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